Black & White series of paintings

"Juta" series of paintings

The Bell
Sleeping Beauty
Pomegranates ~ SOLD
Erotic Diptych
Boat Tritpych ~ SOLD
Boat in Sunset ~ SOLD
Boats Triptych
The Flirt ~ SOLD

The Golden Window Series 

Orange Tree ~ SOLD
Persephoni - SOLD
The Love Tree ~ SOLD
The Bride ~ SOLD
Olive Tree ~ SOLD
« Η Τέχνη βρίσκεται παντού, αλλά από μας εξαρτάται πόση βρίσκεται ανάμεσά μας.»

Βαρβάρα Γεροδήμου



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Pomegranates ~ SOLD

Oil painting on canvas (burlap) with gold details